• ICT Accessibility Award

    Enhancing Information and Communications Technology Accessibility

  • About the ICT Accessibility Award

    The Mada ICT Accessibility Award is a competition that invites innovation startups to present their accessibility solutions that help to improve the lives of persons with disabilities. The competition winner will be awarded prize money of USD 15,000.

    Our Mission

    Unlock the potential of persons with functional limitations (PFLs), persons with disabilities (PWDs) and the elderly through enabling ICT accessible capabilities and platforms.

  • Eligibility criteria for the award

    We are looking for ventures with a clear innovation component that uses tech in order to create solutions and innovation in education and culture of people with disabilities (PWDs), people with functional limitations (PFLs) and elderly.


    Enabling persons with disabilities to access and pursue quality education.


    Empowering the end user to access regular culture-related activities, whether that is tourism, retail, transportation or sports.

    Existing Solutions

    Startups or young companies under 4 years old, with an average age of 2 years old.


    The venture should have a demonstrable product or service (Minimum Viable Product).

  • Selection Process and Winner


    Until 18th October

    Any venture that complies with the above-mentioned eligibility criteria is welcome to apply until 18th October to be considered for the award.


    November 2019

    Out of the applicants, we will select between 10-20 ventures which demonstrate the highest potential through their solution based on their industry and region.


    December 2019

    Four ventures will be selected to attend the Seedstars MENA Summit in December, and two out of those will continue to the Seedstars Global Summit in April 2020.


    April 2020

    The two final ventures will attend the Seedstars Global Summit in Switzerland and one will be chosen as the winner and receive the prize of USD 15,000.

  • Apply to the award

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